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The primary goal of our facilities is to provide relaxation and recharging for our most outstanding Hungarian researchers,
our scientists to create.
We also want to give you and your family the chance to relax.

We are constantly working to improve and modernise our accommodation.
Our resorts also provide an excellent venue for conferences, training courses, business and family events and weddings.

We hope you will choose us for your trip with family or friends.
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It’s a special experience to return to this restored historic building for a visit to a historic castle. Book a room today in the realm of antique furniture and baroque!


A unique holiday opportunity in a special Hungarian region. The harmony of clean air, peace and quiet awaits you when you stay at our resort. Whether it’s a family holiday, a corporate event or just a romantic weekend away, you’ll find what you’re looking for here. By choosing us you can get a taste of the legendary everyday life of the former Hungarian counts.

Matrahaza Academic Scholar Resort of the Hungarian Academy of Science

Enjoy the magical treasures of the Mátra yourself! Our resort is located in a truly special mountain setting, surrounded by hectares of forest, amazing tranquillity and all the pleasures of nature. We guarantee that recharging and relaxation will not be commonplace with us.

Erdotarcsa Academic Resort and Creative House of the Hungarian Academy of Science

Stay in the picturesque “castle” village, where stunning scenery and three acres of adventure await you! Quiet environment, patinated baroque style, well-kept castle garden, garden pond, fountain. All perfect for a relaxing and restorative recharge. From the main page, you can go straight to the resort’s own subpage.

Balatonalmadi Academic Resort

We are waiting for you in the central location of Balatonalmádi, about 50 metres from the shore of Lake Balaton, in an undisturbed environment. Choose one of our 21 cosy, air-conditioned rooms and relax in our well-kept private garden. Afterwards, soak up the summer sun and bath in the pleasant waters of Lake Balaton!

Balatonvilagos Academic Resort

No one needs to be told how charming it is to holiday on the shores of the Hungarian sea. You just have to live through it. Again and again. With a direct lakefront connection, a well-maintained private park and 27 air-conditioned rooms, we are waiting for all our dear Lake Balaton fans! At our resort, you will not only enjoy the Balaton beach experience, but also our delicious food and helpful staff.

Apartments Jokai and Kisfaludy Co-Housing Resort of Balatonfured

Any of our holiday resorts is an excellent choice for apartment-type guests who want to relax in the northern capital of the Balaton coast at a good price. If you don’t require extra meals and don’t insist on a hotel breakfast, you should stay with us. Our 29nm2 apartments with cooking facilities are designed to accommodate 4 people and are located 300 metres from Füred’s largest fun beach, the 44,000 nm2 Kisfaludy Strand.


Great solution for those who want to study and read at their accommodation. A pleasant, peaceful rest area, a library room and a separate study room ensure active recreation in our guest house.

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