Virtual reality at Buda Castle

Nowadays, with modern technology, science and electronic entertainment evolving at an astonishing pace, virtual reality-related entertainment devices are becoming increasingly popular.

Of course, the most widespread use of virtual reality tools in the public consciousness is for the entertainment of children and adolescents in the new age: various shooting, racing and martial arts games.

However, it is also good news that modern technology, through the thematic use of VR glasses, can also help to promote education, culture and scientific experience.


Virtual reality at Buda Castle


With advances in technology, devices of a type and quality that we could only dream of a few years ago are now available for next to nothing.

Such an event, where virtual reality is at the centre of the theme, can be an exciting family event, but it is also often attended by groups of friends or corporate team-builders. In fact, for cooler, more laid-back, adventure-seeking couples, it can even be the setting for a more special date.


Virtual reality at Buda Castle


History comes alive in front of our eyes!

Really it’s a a 21st century experience that with the help of a “simple” pair of glasses, you can travel to any place in the world, to fantasy worlds, and even time travel is now possible!


The history of the Buda Castle, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, can also be traced through virtual reality.


In just an hour and a half, we will be introduced to the history of Hungary, and especially to the history of Buda Castle, and we will be able to admire the most important and defining events from 7 different eras – in an impromptu and spectacular history lesson.

To make the experience even more lifelike and interactive, the animation can be followed in 360-degree view, providing a truly realistic insight into historical events through a 3D format.

To help foreign visitors and tourist guests have a more meaningful entertainment and cultural experience, the virtual performance can be followed in eight different languages with the help of an interpreter (audioguide): in addition to Hungarian, it is also available in English, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, French and Chinese.


Virtual reality in Buda Castle in the full historical context

The medieval times, the recapture of the Castle from the Turks in 1686 The terrible siege of the Second World War and the 1956 revolution can be followed thanks to virtual reality technology.


It’s interesting to see how much the view has changed, how the landscape has changed, how the built-up area has changed, thanks to the period buildings. This is why it is worth buying a ticket for the Virtual Reality in Buda Castle tour.


This gives us a sense of the way of life of ordinary people in different eras, in different historical times.

Also, the development of warfare, battles and military technology will be revealed – since the most important historical events, unfortunately also in Buda Castle, were linked to the battles…


Virtual reality at Buda Castle


Even those with people glasses need not worry, as the device can be adjusted to allow those with less sharp vision to follow the historical events brought to life by virtual reality.

And after the “Virtual Reality in Buda Castle” programme, you can have a great dinner at one of the many restaurants in the Buda Castle District, after a rest in one of the most romantic places in the area, the Academic Pension, our place.

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